Blossoming Permaculture Orchard at Pemberton Farm

Blossom is one of my favourite words. Watching a newly unfurled bloom tremor in the wind is one of the most beautiful sights in nature. The symmetry of a bloom is a timeless piece of perfection. Nature in perfect order can be observed as a flower and means that there is order in the universe. … [Read more…]

Spring 2022

Its been a tough few years for most, and with spring 2022 here, we tentatively move forward with continued hope. We have been quiet lately as we reflect on a new direction for Perennial Harvest and our associated club. This time has allowed us to look to our core values and our offer to the … [Read more…]

Our website is now updated!

Hi there this website is now updated with our latest pictures and news feel free to have a look around it and find out more about the scope of our work within our local community.